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Reprinted with permission of the author from Sleeping With Your Baby: A Parent's Guide To Cosleeping by James J.McKenna (2007). Platypus Press. Dr. James J. McKenna is a Professor of Anthropology and the Director of the Center for Behavioral Studies of Mother-Infant Sleep, Notre Dame University. More Articles by James McKenna

In many cultures-this still is the practice. Some families still do-attachment parenting/co-sleeping as a way of connecting with their children. Some co-sleep because that is what works for their family, or they spend long hours away from home, or the cultural expectation is co-sleeping-even if it is frowned upon generally by the larger U.S ... A student protester's guide to last-minute essay writing ... Dec 15, 2010 · A student protester's guide to last-minute essay writing ... It's about now that websites such as will start to look tempting. And you may sleep easier knowing that a dubiously ... 21 Images of Where Children Sleep Around the World Paints a ... "As a child, that's your little space within the house," said James Mollison, a Kenyan-born, England-raised, Venice-based photographer whose 2011 photo book, Where Children Sleep draws attention ... Craig Canapari, MD - Proven advice for better sleep in kids ... I'm a pediatric sleep physician, and I'm passionate about helping you and your child sleep better. I'm a dad and a pediatrician, and I know that good sleep is important for your whole family. I direct the Yale Pediatric Sleep Center. I've been givi

Co-sleeping is often thought to be synonymous with bed sharing—aka letting baby sleep in the same bed with you. But co-sleeping can also mean simply putting baby to sleep in the same room as you but in a separate bed. And doing that gets the American Academy of Pediatrics’ (AAP) seal of approval.

Sleep and mental health - Harvard Health Sleep hygiene. Many experts believe that people learn insomnia, and can learn how to sleep better. Good "sleep hygiene" is the term often used to include tips like maintaining a regular sleep-and-wake schedule, using the bedroom only for sleeping or sex, and keeping the bedroom dark and free of distractions like the computer or television. How Dangerous Is Sleep Deprivation? | Lack of Sleep The autumn transition is often popularized as a gain of 1 h[our] of sleep but there is little evidence of extra sleep on that night. The cumulative effect of five consecutive days of earlier rise times following the autumn change again suggests a net loss of sleep across the week. Sleep paralysis: Causes, symptoms, and tips Sleep paralysis is a feeling of being unable to move, either at the onset of sleep or upon awakening. The individual's senses and awareness are intact, but they may feel as if there is pressure on ...

Journal of Sleep Research - Official Journal of the European Sleep Research Society that encourages important research papers presenting new findings in the field of sleep and wakefulness including biological rhythms and dreaming. New England Journal of Medicine Online - A journal reporting the results of important medical research world wide.

Essay text: According to a survey conducted by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, Blacks and Asian-Americans, poorer women, and people living in the southern United States commonly practiced co-sleeping. Articles and Essays Available for Download // Mother-Baby ... Articles and Essays Available for Download Featured Articles of Interest. There is no such thing as infant sleep, there is no such thing as breastfeeding, there is only breastsleeping, by James J. McKenna and Lee T. Gettler. Acta Paediatrica (Accepted August 2015).

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